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The vignettes all look great! Tammy and I are really happy with how they turned out. Thank you again for your team's hard work.

Megan S. – Specialist, Hyatt Gold Passport

Putting Music Videos to Work with Absolute Vision


Absolute Vision Media gets the opportunity to do many varieties of shoot; corporate, commercial, industrial, branding. But like most who produce media, we always light up at the opportunity to be a part of a creative music video. Working with an artist to come up with the perfect look and setting, use creative cinematography and color; there's a universal appeal to these shoots. We got the opportunity to do this last week with up-and-coming local Chicago recording artist Teresana, throughout many locations in west suburban St. Charles. Even still, not all music videos are made alike. While a video for ...

Make Your Video Shoots Easier With Motion Graphics


When it comes time for a corporate shoot or a training video, challenges start appearing around the office. Especially for smaller companies or manufacturing clients, many simply don't have the space in their office to accept a full production crew. Other times, some of our out-of-town clients find it difficult to make it to our Addison studio. But that doesn't mean that you have to shy away from the foremost in local Chicago video, because thanks to our motion graphics and animation team, we can give you a new look without the production. Free yourself of the hassle; Absolute Vision ...

Go Local With Your Media Production


We at Absolute Vision Productions are proud of every project that we work on, whether for a big-name national client, or the smallest of suburban Chicago businesses. But sometimes, it's easy to overlook how many companies can be just down the street! Whether big or small, Absolute Vision Media always makes our local clients feel right at home thanks to our deep roots in Chicago and its suburbs. [jwplayer mediaid="724"] The same benefits that come from buying local comes through when you trust Absolute's local Chicago media team. You'll be working with a fresh group of homegrown talent from right here in ...

Smart Chicago Businesses Need Website Videos


Small and mid-sized businesses need every advantage on their side. They need a great product, strong marketing, and clear branding. But when it comes to the web, they need effective ways to communicate their company values in a compelling way to their clients and customers. For any business that needs it, Absolute Vision Media can create the perfect website video to be the centerpiece of your online presence. Your businesses' website is your most valuable asset, and Absolute Vision ...

Absolute Vision Talks Turkey About Chicago Food Photography


Food photography is amongst the most difficult of all styles of photography. It takes more than just great composition; it requires a skilled knowledge of lighting, food styling, post-production, and retouching to get the look that makes your customers hungry for more. That's why Chicagoland restaurants rely on Absolute Vision Productions for their food and beverage photography - we take the hassle out of shooting for your business or restaurant. We've worked with a number of brands both nationally and local Chicago to ...