A High Bar in Higher Education


Higher education demands a higher caliber of media. In a world where every connection with current, past, and prospective students makes a difference, schools know that they need to create content that matches the quality of their education. This rang true for the alumni department of IIT-Kent Chicago Law School. By setting a high bar, they needed a company they could trust to connect top quality content and strong messaging. The team at Absolute Vision Media was selected to be their partner to deliver this message to the IIT-Kent alumni community at large, and is in the process of producing a new video series for the school.

IIT-Kent had a unique challenge – convey the strength of their alumni network and forward-looking direction of the school to past students, all the while creating content that could get the attention of prospective attendees. Absolute was up to the task, and is in the process of creating a compelling, informative, and community-oriented video series for the school’s first major alumni gathering in years. The series focuses on the history of IIT-Kent, the wide variety of influential alumni, and the donors and outreach that truly make the school extraordinary.

Reaching out to this many alumni would pose a challenge to a conventional media company. The series is expansive, including shoots in Peoria, Chicago, Springfield, and Napa Valley, while featuring famous members of the judicial and legal community. Where other groups would balk, Absolute’s agile production team has kept the project price-efficient, while retaining stunning aesthetic quality and creative vision. The series is slated for release in February 2013.

Yet this isn’t the first major marketing for education that Absolute Vision has been a part of. Absolute has been developing content for Catholic schools since 2007 throughout the Chicagoland area, including Guerin Prep and St. Viator. Most recently, Absolute completed the latest in a series of marketing and promotional videos for Joliet Catholic Academy. The series has been a breakout success within the JCA community, as in addition to a conventional recruitment video, Absolute’s viral commercials and music videos helped JCA stand out among high school recruiters.

When schools and universities need to get the word out, they know they need a media team who understand the what makes their school unique. Trust Absolute Vision for your next recruitment, alumni, or promotional video!

Absolute Vision Media is a Chicago-based media and production company. Whether you need recruitment videos, educational videos, or media for higher education, we offer national-level experience with local connections and know-how for high schools, colleges, universities, and much more. To learn more, visit our homepage at, email us at, or call us at 630-620-0000 to schedule an appointment in our local Chicago suburban studio, located in Addison between Naperville and Schaumburg.

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