About Absolute Vision Productions

Absolute Vision Productions is passionately committed to producing the best videos and media possible. We work closely with clients throughout the process to turn their ideas, concepts, creations, and goals into video reality.

Mark R. Smith, founder of Absolute Vision production, has committed his team to produce every project, large or small, to the highest standards. The goal is to create video and media that captivates, compels, entertains, or otherwise calls to action the audience for which it is intended.

Based just outside of Chicago for the past 14 years, Absolute Vision Productions has worked with customers throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. Absolute Vision Media will gladly come out to your office for meetings and location work. You can also visit us at our studio located in Addison, IL.

Absolute Vision Productions prides itself on outstanding quality video, but even more importantly, honesty, integrity, and passion for every project. We are always interested in hearing your project inspirations, and we are here to talk with you about your ideas! Give us a call today. 630.302.1847