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Absolute Vision From Start to Finish


It takes a lot to make a project work, but a lot more to make it work well. When you're hiring many companies to tackle a significant project, whether you're midwest or national, branding or marketing, video production or media, it's tough to justify the problems. You're sick of being nickled and dimed, you're tired of unreliable communication, and when you know you really need one company who does it all, it's enough to make you wonder why you're stuck with a system that doesn't work. Fortunately, you can make the choices that truly work for your company and objectives. ...

Live Events Go Smoothly With Absolute Vision


We're reaching the end of the year, and for those in the event planning industry, that means we've reached the season of the Year In Review. Whether a holiday party or top-tier award show, in a banquet hall or hotel ballroom, in downtown Chicago or its surrounding suburbs, the focus is on showcasing the highlights of a successful year, all while making the event go off without a hitch. This poses challenges for some planners, however - some fear that video is too complex to be incorporated into a mid-sized event. Yet the solution is simple: nothing brings out the ...

Putting Music Videos to Work with Absolute Vision


Absolute Vision Media gets the opportunity to do many varieties of shoot; corporate, commercial, industrial, branding. But like most who produce media, we always light up at the opportunity to be a part of a creative music video. Working with an artist to come up with the perfect look and setting, use creative cinematography and color; there's a universal appeal to these shoots. We got the opportunity to do this last week with up-and-coming local Chicago recording artist Teresana, throughout many locations in west suburban St. Charles. Even still, not all music videos are made alike. While a video for ...

Make Your Video Shoots Easier With Motion Graphics


When it comes time for a corporate shoot or a training video, challenges start appearing around the office. Especially for smaller companies or manufacturing clients, many simply don't have the space in their office to accept a full production crew. Other times, some of our out-of-town clients find it difficult to make it to our Addison studio. But that doesn't mean that you have to shy away from the foremost in local Chicago video, because thanks to our motion graphics and animation team, we can give you a new look without the production. Free yourself of the hassle; Absolute Vision ...

Go Local With Your Media Production


We at Absolute Vision Productions are proud of every project that we work on, whether for a big-name national client, or the smallest of suburban Chicago businesses. But sometimes, it's easy to overlook how many companies can be just down the street! Whether big or small, Absolute Vision Media always makes our local clients feel right at home thanks to our deep roots in Chicago and its suburbs. [jwplayer mediaid="724"] The same benefits that come from buying local comes through when you trust Absolute's local Chicago media team. You'll be working with a fresh group of homegrown talent from right here in ...