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Smart Chicago Businesses Need Website Videos


Small and mid-sized businesses need every advantage on their side. They need a great product, strong marketing, and clear branding. But when it comes to the web, they need effective ways to communicate their company values in a compelling way to their clients and customers. For any business that needs it, Absolute Vision Media can create the perfect website video to be the centerpiece of your online presence. Your businesses' website is your most valuable asset, and Absolute Vision ...

Absolute Vision Talks Turkey About Chicago Food Photography


Food photography is amongst the most difficult of all styles of photography. It takes more than just great composition; it requires a skilled knowledge of lighting, food styling, post-production, and retouching to get the look that makes your customers hungry for more. That's why Chicagoland restaurants rely on Absolute Vision Productions for their food and beverage photography - we take the hassle out of shooting for your business or restaurant. We've worked with a number of brands both nationally and local Chicago to ...

Making Corporate Training Videos Compelling and Interesting


The internal training video is a time-honored tradition. Yet many companies, so focused on their brand and message, lose sight of an important reality. If your video isn't engaging to your employees, they won't retain the lessons you're trying to teach! That's why at Absolute Vision Media, we bring the two sides together, creating compelling corporate training videos that keep your audience engaged, and your messages crystal clear. When you think about creating useful assets for your business, you choose options can maximize your value, and corporate videos are no different. What can you add to make your training stand out ...

How A Branding Video Can Help Your Website


Every small, medium, and large business can benefit from a well-made, highly visible branding video on their homepage. We at Absolute Vision Media have seen time and time again with our clients - it puts the most interesting content front and center where customers will be most apt to look. But if you're not familiar with what a branding video can do for your website, and how Absolute Vision can help make it a reality, read on! A visible branding video can be your company's first impression to the public, and it makes an impact. It tells more about your ...

Local Chicago Green Screens From Absolute Vision Media


When it comes to local Chicago green screen videography, you don't have to look far. Absolute Vision Media has you covered for all green screen and blue screen shoots in the greater Chicagoland area. From our studio in west Chicago, we can handle all small-to-medium chroma key projects. We've worked with small companies looking to add flair to their interview footage, web-based groups seeking virtual hosts to add professionalism and trust to their websites, and national brands interested in adding higher production values. All the while, we ...