Chicago in Motion with Corporate Animation


Bringing your corporate identity to life is one of the most exciting parts of working with a production company. The canvas is wide open for creative potential. Absolute employs a team of animators and motion graphics artists to develop custom graphic solutions, and handle the unique art of digital animation for local Chicago, national, and international clients.

Oftentimes companies look at the exciting visuals in use by their competitors, and think that such requests are outside their scope. Others aren’t able to describe the graphics they’d like to incorporate into their media. However, for a skilled production team, these projects are not only doable, but in many cases, preferred.

Some of the many benefits of choosing a graphic-based production include;

  • Quick Turnaround
  • No Live Production Costs
  • Easy to Stay on Brand
Unlimited Creative Potential
Simple Revisions
  • Multiple Applications

The versatility of quality motion graphics can’t be overstated. After you’ve built an incredible graphic tag for your company, put it to work! Have your IT staff incorporate it into your web presence. Feature it in your presentations. Use it throughout your live events as a reminder of the strength of your brand. The potential is only limited by the number of outlets you have available to you, and Absolute Vision Productions can be the team who gives you this incredible tool.

Even as a standalone product, such as a commercial or promotional piece, innovative forms of motion graphics can be brought to bear. As an example, kinetic typography has been brought to the forefront with recent commercials for Ford and DSW. Using simple iconography and text effects, you could highlight key values of your company or focus on features of a new product, all in a visually compelling way that will keep all eyes on your video. Check our embedded graphics reel for samples, and inspiration as to how you could incorporate this within your own company.

So when you’re looking to put your brand into motion, we’re your team to make it move. Contact Absolute Vision Productions today!

Absolute Vision Productions is a Chicago-based media and production company. Whether you need Chicago corporate graphics, business animation, or animated text, we offer national-level experience with local connections and know-how for local Chicago animation, motion graphics, kinetic typography, and much more. To learn more, visit our homepage at, email us at, or call us at 630-620-0000 to schedule an appointment in our local Chicago suburban studio, located in Addison between Naperville and Schaumburg.

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