Emmy Nomination


We here at Absolute Vision are proud to announce the Emmy nominations earned by several members of its media production team. Mark Smith, co-founder, and J Matthew Nix, project lead at Absolute Vision Media Productions, were jointly nominated in the category of Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air: Photographer – Program (Non-News) for their work on the documentary feature Something of Love A Tribute to Roger Amm.

The film, which premiered in May of 2013, looked at the career of music and choir teacher Roger Amm, who spent over thirty years teaching music in north-central Illinois. As the film illustrates, Amm found a particularly effective way of reaching the students in his classes, impacting lives in a positive way for decades to come. Several people in the film praise Amm and his efforts, and its clear that Amm had a huge influence on the teaching culture at Ottawa High School. The film itself has also won accolades, screening at New York film festivals and at the Naper Independent Film Festival.

We were really pleased to be part of such a touching story as one of the crew members to have been nominated for the Emmy. And to be recognized for the role we played we played in what was really a team effortwell, I think its a win for the team, really. A recognition of the way that everyone came together for a truly unique, inspiring story. We also consider the Emmy nominations as a kind of validation of the hard work continuously performed our team.

In marketing circles, 2015 is widely expected to be the year of the video. This means that Absolute Vision Media Productions is well positioned to help clients take full advantage of the video market by creating engaging, provocative video that stands out in a crowded market place. And, to be sure, the uses for video continue to proliferate. Clients have already commissioned training videos and educational videos, as well as videos for business presentation and corporate videos to showcase and illustrate mechanics such as revenue and profit year over year. This doesn’t even include YouTube pre-roll videos or mobile videos. Its likely that, in the near future, almost all website will include video components, and video will play directly into search results. Absolute Vision Productions, now with a Emmy-recognized team, is in an excellent position to help clients leverage video assets into economic prosperity.

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