Media Training With Absolute Vision


Working with the media is one of the greatest challenges of corporate life. Many individuals have reservations about speaking with journalists or interviewing in front of a camera, but with a little practice you can prepare yourself and your team to give the interviews that your company deserves. Absolute Vision Productions’ media training sessions are what your staff need to prepare themselves for the challenges of meeting with the modern press.

chicago media training stillAbsolute Vision has worked with some of the top consulting firms in the nation, and we can help apply the same critical techniques to your staff. We specialize in one-on-one training, group training, mock scenarios, roleplaying, and social media interviews. Location is never a concern – we can meet you at your office, on location at a convention center, or even set up your interview at our local Chicago suburban studio. We know the press, we know our clients, and we know how to bring out the confidence you and your team need before an interview.

Even if you’re worried about the amount of time you have to coordinate a session, we can arrange training on very short-notice. Absolute Vision Media can create mock news teams, produce on the fly sound bites, and even edit your content on the fly to give you a feel for the way your interviews can be interpreted in the real world. Best of all, you walk out of the media training session with a DVD in hand, ready for review at your convenience.

When the pressure is on, you and your team deserve to be as prepared as possible. Trust the team that can help your administration and executives prepare for any media circumstances – call Absolute Vision Media for your media and business training needs!

Absolute Vision Media is a Chicago-based media and production company. Whether you need media training, corporate media training, training for news and media, or corporate business training, we offer national-level experience with local connections and know-how for on-the-fly media training, group training, on-location editing, and much more. To learn more, visit our homepage at, email us at, or call us at 630-620-0000 to schedule an appointment in our local Chicago suburban studio, located in Addison between Naperville and Schaumburg.

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