Post Production

Once the shoot is over, your footage belongs in the most competent hands in the business. No matter how complex the workflow, Absolute Vision will make it happen.

Our studio uses only top-of-the-line Mac Pro editing systems, complete with Final Cut Studio, the Adobe Creative Suite, and a host of filters, plugins, and specialty applications to approach any post production situation. Do you or your clients need a fast turnaround? Are you dealing with too much footage and too little direction? We’re prepared to handle your project, from industrial, to commercial, to narrative, to feature-length documentaries.

And when it comes to green screen and blue screen compositing, know that your effects will turn out the way you intended. We have green screen facilities at our studio location, including both post and real-time solutions, but if you’ve already shot your footage and found it lacking, help is here! Do you need a clean chroma or luma key for your editors? Working with a background that isn’t as smooth as you would like? Or are you simply trying for the perfect “look”? Not a problem. We know what your footage needs, and we will deliver it.

Absolute Vision also specializes in improving less-than-ideal or incorrectly composited footage. Our editors specialize in color correction, exposure correction, footage restoration, VFX matching, workflow simplification, and SD to HD up-resolution. Are you looking at expensive re-shoots because of underexposed footage, or because of a light reflection in your talent’s glasses? Make the wise choice, and contact us today.