The Luxuries of Production in Your Own Studio


In today’s business environment, many media companies don’t have their own offices, let alone production studios.  There’s nothing better than a studio to call your own and work with clients through the city and suburbs, especially when you are in the field of media, design, and production.  This is very useful and convenient when producing video shoots, photography, or any other media production.  Our location is prime when it comes to our studio, and the product that comes out is even better.

Located in Addison, Absolute Vision Productions is located next to a great deal of convenient areas.  We sit near various interstate expressways such as I-355, I-290, and Route 53.  This means we can be easily accessed from locations such as Chicago, Schaumburg, Naperville, Bensenville, and many other Chicagoland and Iliinois areas.

Our studio is the perfect combination of professional and accessibility.  We take part in plenty of shoots in the city of Chicago, but sometimes there are other production necessities such as interviews, voiceovers, or photography that can be done in the comfort of our own studio.  Here we have all the latest gear and technology, as well as a humble space to work in.  We can easily set up a chromakey or green screen scenario, or simply have the luxury and control of our own studio setting.  Let’s face it, sometimes weather and other factors make location productions here in Chicago difficult, and having the luxury of your own studio space is essential to make production flow easier for our clients, which results in a quick and cost effective outcome in the end.

Absolute Vision Productions is a Chicago-based media and production company. Whether you need video production, interview shoots, product photography, general studio space, sound design, and much more, we do it all. To learn more, visit our homepage at, email us at, or call us at 630-620-0000 to schedule an appointment in our local Chicago suburban studio, located in Addison between Naperville and Schaumburg.


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