Welcome to Absolute Vision Media


Welcome to the new Absolute Vision Media blog! I’m J Matthew Nix, project lead for Absolute. It’s been an exciting couple of months as we’ve brought our new website up to speed, but here we are, polished and ready for release. If you’re familiar with our blogs in the past, you’ll know what to expect; updates about our projects, our clients, and our company. But we’re adding a new spin – much like how Absolute has grown in the last year from local Chicago video to agency-style media creation, our blog is growing to include a weekly post about our changing industry. It isn’t enough just to have a great product anymore, and the implications of this change are huge. Keep an eye open Monday afternoons for this weekly post.

By way of introduction, Absolute Vision Media is a Chicago-based media and production company. Created thirteen years ago by Mark Smith, Absolute has worked with some of the biggest national brands, but also been hands-on with local businesses and companies. We’re a lean organization, but a diverse and capable one. Compared to a larger agency, we can outpace our competition while giving unmatched customer service, but we have the reputation and infrastructure that a start-up company couldn’t.

But what truly separates Absolute, at least for me, is my team. Everyone that I have the opportunity to work with is skilled, passionate, and loves what we do. Otherwise, hell, we’d find another industry! It makes the all difference in our environment, and it shows in every aspect of our work. Again, welcome to Absolute Vision, and enjoy!

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